Lasers are the Future of Drone Fighting

I’ve been among the first people to realize how drones can be a major problem for security in the world. In February 2014, in fact, I said there was a coming urban drone war and since then, drones with guns and explosives have been created. More recently I wrote about drones almost being used to attack federal buildings in Connecticut – thankfully without success and how a drone flew to the White House. I even wrote about a possible solution to the problem using microphones from SmartSense.

The reality is, Drones bring another dimension to outdoor security. To date you had to worry about snipers and IEDs but in the US – these haven’t been tremendous issues. With available low-cost drones with long-range flying ability, it is now possible to reign terror on any target from a long distance. Worst of all – computer targeting makes the problem that much worse as you may never find the culprit. Recently, there has even been concern about autonomous cars being used as weapons.

Even more troubling, a drone was spotted near President Obama on one of his recent golf outings. Traditional Secret Service techniques are limited when it comes to such potential threats.


Thankfully, Boeing has a new laser which can be used to burn a hole in a drone from a distance of a few hundred meters. See the red arrow above which shows the fire which was caused by the laser beam. It consists of a water cooled chiller, power supply, 2 KW laser and redesigned beam director which is much lighter than earlier models.

It would seem this is the best defense society has at the moment to the coming drone threat. Still, there is a war coming between the drone-wielding criminals, and law enforcement armed with lasers trying to detonate the payload before it reaches its target. It’s really the world of science fiction becoming reality – right before our eyes.

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