ScienceLogic Ranked Top 3 Global AIOps Provider

We’ve had a few interviews with David Link the founder and president of ScienceLogic over the years and we are impressed with the company’s progress. In 2010 he told us about their new cloud-ready IT operations management appliance.

We just announced a new appliance model, our All-In-One-Appliance which is one server, you plug it in your network, you kick off a discovery. It figures out everything that’s happening on your network and starts really adding to the productivity of your staff. It helps deliver the impeccable service quality for users of IT services.

In 2011 David told us about a new set of technologies that helps customers manage distributed compute. He discussed how many companies have hybrid environments.

This was the company’s evolutionary path to AIOps as it started to handle the operations of cloud and premise but visualized as one as that’s how you manage it.

By 2018 the term AIOps was real and the company was a player, raising $25M to support global expansion.

They have now been recognized as the #3 AIOps global vendor by leading EMEA analyst firm Research In Action in its newly-released report: “Vendor Selection Matrix – Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) SaaS And Software: The Top 15 Global Vendors 2019.” Compiled by Eveline Oehrlich, longtime industry analyst and former vice president at Forrester Research, the report recognizes ScienceLogic for its highly scalable AIOps platform and delivering the industry’s best customer experience, based on enterprise customers’ survey results.

The Research In Action report—approved for distribution by the firm—evaluates ScienceLogic’s SL1 platform, an AIOps automation solution that utilizes analytics and machine learning to assess operational data in real-time across the entire application stack. This approach provides IT operations teams with comprehensive business service visibility and contextual insights into the application services they monitor. This way, managed service providers, large enterprises, and global systems integrators alike can automatically learn behavior and detect anomalies before customers are impacted.

“The industry-wide drive towards digital transformation requires that IT operations teams become co-creators of value for the enterprise—leading them to embrace AIOps. In fact, 22.3% of enterprise IT managers use machine learning and data sciences in application performance management operations,” said Eveline Oehrlich, Research Director at Research In Action. “To meet the evolving demands of digital transformation and deliver a positive customer experience in today’s highly competitive market, IT operations must sustain ongoing service availability and completely eliminate outages while shifting away from traditional success metrics such as mean-time-to-resolution in favor of time-to-business-impact measures focused on ultimate customer impact. ScienceLogic has excelled in successfully leveraging an algorithmic approach to make automation and predictive remediation a reality for its customers.”

According to the report, ScienceLogic achieved the highest customer satisfaction score across all vendors, indicating their strengths in meeting the needs of more than 400 customers currently using the SL1 solution. The report also highlights the company’s strategic investments in the platform, which is now in its fourth iteration, to add scale and modularity. The SL1 platform’s low code/no code capability was also noted for its ease of use and quick return on investment for customers. ScienceLogic has also recently been recognized as an industry-leading AIOps provider by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and Forrester Research.

“Evolving market demands through the implementation of new technologies and applications and a move to cloud environments have produced enormous volumes of data, and as a result, an exponential increase in event noise. But in a highly competitive market, enterprises cannot afford to be reactive to incidents—IT operations must shift to work in a proactive and predictive way,” said Mike Nappi, CPO at ScienceLogic. “As the demand for AIOps intensifies to improve data accuracy, understand dependencies and apply root cause analysis, enterprise IT leaders need a solution that is fit to scale and synchronizes across data lakes. We at ScienceLogic continue to heavily invest in innovation coupled with delivering the best customer experience to enable successful digital transformation.”

Very exciting news for a very exciting space. There are many certainties in tech. Processors will get faster and cheaper over time. Your kids will take an unlimited number of selfies and Jonny Ive’s new company will likely be one of the fastest growing in Silicon Valley.

Yet another is enterprises will have ever-more devices and clouds they have to manage and keep operating at all times. Digital transformation and the future of work relies heavily on continuous computing and AIOps is the insurance policy corporations need to ensure uptime.

In all, a good time to be in tech and AIOps.

We are looking forward to welcoming the AIOps community to the second annual AIOps Expo,

part of the ITEXPO #TechSuperShow, Feb 12-14, 2020 Fort Lauderdale, FL.


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