Secure Your Organization With ITContingency

ITContingency, IoT & AI driven Security Systems has a solution to active shooters and other emergency situations at buildings. The company’s SimplIoT Emergency Warning System works in all rooms and includes kiosks, cameras, Windows software and smart lights.

SimplIoT CITADEL detection systems allows passive video cameras to become active systems with built-in instantaneous alerts that do not require human monitoring. The system automatically scans the video feed for weapons in real-time and is trained to avoid false positives (tennis rackets, cell phones, etc…). The CITADEL System is programmable to operate with or without human oversight; it can seamlessly check employees/students in and out of offices, buildings and /or campuses. It can spot drawn weapons, handle facial recognition and license plates.

Smart lights indicate danger

In a phone-interview with CEO, James Woodyatt, he explained the smart lights can be programmed to flash red in the case of an emergency – as can Windows PCs. Kiosks in rooms can be used to signal various status alerts such as medical emergencies.

“The system can see a rifle from 100 feet away and immediately lock down a school and alert police,” he exclaimed.

The solution integrates older analog video cameras and is low cost. Target markets include resellers, schools, campuses, houses of worship and more.

ITContingency is working on nuclear quadrupole resonance which can detect gunpowder in firearms which are concealed. James explained he thinks companies need to continually innovate.

It was a fascinating discussion and the tech is pretty amazing – hopefully it makes schools and other institutions a lot safer.


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