3 One-Ups Most App Stores with Handago Partnership

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3 One-Ups Most App Stores with Handago Partnership

While App Stores are all the rage now with carriers and phone companies and even Oracle/Sun's Java jumping on the bandwagon, perhaps one of the most intelligent things a carrier can do is pause, take a breath and partner with an established app store provider doing business forever.

After all, why rebuild a house from scratch when you can lease a good one instead? Handago is a major player in the app store space with its 140,000+ apps and network of 23,000+ content partners and was chosen as a partner with 3, one of the most innovative wireless carriers around. As you may know, 3 also markets a Skype phone - yes, they embrace Skype and don't treat them as an enemy.

This new relationship is a smart move for 3 as smartphone downloads from all app stores are to reach 6.67 billion in 2014 according to Frost & Sullivan. And that number nothing to sneeze at.

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