Tadiran Aeonix UC: A Unique Play for the Channel and MSPs

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Tadiran Aeonix UC: A Unique Play for the Channel and MSPs

Tadiran has always tried to out-innovate its way to success. In fact they have recently innovated on a few fronts at the same time. Their Aeonix UCC solution is proudly offered on the Amazon Marketplace – one of the few available on this platform. Interestingly, when I did a search for the term PBX, Tadiran doesn’t show up. They are here though. Perhaps a room for improvement idea? By the way, a search for unified communications brings up a bunch of irrelevant results mixed in with telecom solutions.

Amazon is just one place where Aeonix can live – it can also be on Microsoft and Google clouds. In addition, everything lives in the cloud – from the SBC to the SIP trunks. Instances can also move between clouds as needed. In addition, the server can have call center, unified messaging, unified communications, voicemail, dispatch and attendant console on a single server.

The licensing is also flexible enough to allow you to move instances as needed without paying Tadiran. This can be a great savings in disaster recovery scenarios where you don’t need to be 100% active-active.

The real value for resellers however is in the way the company approaches the market. Quite often, cloud vendors begin to take over the client relationship and a concern for the channel is – how will this play out over time? They could conceivably get cut out altogether. It isn’t unprecedented for hardware companies to have conflict between internal sales and the channel and change their model over time. I am not pointing to anyone in particular but industry veterans (interconnects anyone?) have the scars to prove this has been a past problem.

Tadiran’s approach is to not own the customer – at all, for any reason. They want you to build the cloud practice and resell the service. It can be an OPEX or CAPEX model and they can even help with leasing via a third-party vendor as needed.

MSPs can even resell service to others MSPs, so you can take baby steps into the new model by reselling someone else’s service – which basically means they manage the software in the cloud for you/your customers.

The best part is, the prices are also far lower than the large competition. 10-15% according to the company but perhaps half of what Microsoft Skype for Business will charge. It’s worth noting, Tadiran does offer professional services if there is a need.

Tadiran certainly has a great solution to the cloud flexibility problem and customer ownership dilemma faced by VARs, the channel and MSPs.

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