Flash on Google Nexus One Makes App Store Battle Moot

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Flash on Google Nexus One Makes App Store Battle Moot

Flash Player 10.1 + Google Nexus One = Mobile Flash = Infinite Apps

Although Apple's iPhone does a great job approximating a PC-based browsing experience on the go, lack of Flash support which one past high level Adobe employee blames 100% on Apple, really makes the phone a lot less useful than it could be. I spent a good deal of time writing about how lack of Flash support is the real Apple tax and I still contend that because Flash does not run on the iPhone, many Web sites need to do double design and programming work.

In other words, a site which uses Flash needs to have yet another set of pages or sites designed so an iPhone can see what is happening. This is especially frustrating for sites which have videos in a custom Flash player - in order to be seen on an iPhone they need a second version of each video and probably a different interface.

Many Web sites in fact have to design specific applications for the iPhone so their videos can show up properly. While a soaring amount of applications is an awesome stat to push - I would do the same if I worked for Apple, no amount of applications can make up for the many thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Web sites which can only be seen properly via Flash support. By comparison the Android-powered Nexus One doesn't need as many applications because sites can they can see all the Web sites the way they were intended to be seen.

So while only 10,000 applications run on Android and 100,000 on an iPhone, Google can be considered to actually be ahead of the game when you factor in all the Web sites it can see correctly.

In other words the app store battle has been won by Google - and it will be won by any other mobile device maker which embraces fully functional Flash support.

Apple was not immediately available to comment on Flash support. Any comments they make will be included in an update to this post.

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