MacWorld Update

Although I am not blown away by the Apple announcements out of MacWorld today the news could still be a massive financial win for the California-based company. In short, the cult of Steve Jobs announced a new thin laptop Macbook Air (shown here) and a movie rental service. Movies will cost $3.99 and 4.99 for HD.

Although it is unclear what the margins will be on these rentals, we can assume Apple will be very successful in this space and download many movie rentals. In addition the rental service will spawn ever more sales of apple devices where people will watch these movies.

A new high-def Apple TV was also launched at the Jobs Keynote. Assuming the company made this product better than the release of Apple TV last year, we can expect this to be a big win for the company.

Video rentals should definitely be  a massive revenue generator for Apple and the falling stock price today  — even with the Dow down over 200 points, surprises me.

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