Comcast Business Seeing Nice Broadband Growth

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Comcast Business Seeing Nice Broadband Growth

While much of the talk about Comcast in the media recently has involved their M&A aspirations as well as their consumer brand, the real story at the company is Comcast Business. Recently I met with Mike Tighe, Executive Director of Data Services of the company who told me the business-focused area of the organization is growing at 21% a year and is taking share.

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He went on to say the company has the best footprint in fiber optics – this is important as he sees customer bandwidth needs increasing 30% a year. Moreover, and this is interesting for those who are concerned about the sheer size of the company, they are an insurgent, not an incumbent in competing with DSL.

The pricing is also very attractive - $200/month for a 150 Mbps business broadband connection. Moreover, the company promises you $150 if they can't offer you faster speed or bigger savings on your Internet connection.

One last point – Comcast isn’t losing business to wireless carriers – instead, they see only the cloud telephony companies taking some of their business. This can be determined from where customers port their numbers to. Basically, the news that businesses are eschewing wired for wireless connections seems incorrect - at least for Comcast customers.

The good news for the cable giant is – even if the Time Warner acquisition was denied by regulators – at least there is a very nice growth engine on the business side of the house. And even better, Mike further explained - for the moment, Google and Verizon don’t seem to be focusing on the business market.

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