Spy While You Talk

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Spy While You Talk

Let's face it. We are all busier than ever and many of us are multitasking quite often. In some cases, some of us email while we talk on the phone to get more done during the course of a busy day. Others will email on the train, plane, car, etc. Lunch used to be sacred but now it is not unusual to work through this meal just so you can catch up.

But let's say you are a spy and you get an important phone call while you are supposed to be doing some reconnaissance work. It could be a spouse looking to discuss your kid's homework or even perhaps the incoming call is from the person who makes your gadgets, calling to tell you about their latest invention.

GGSPY004200_01_L[1].jpgUntil now, you just couldn't do both things at once but thanks to a new gadget available from Brando Workshop you can take that call while recording a video of everything happening around you. For a meager $269 -- small enough to fit in your spy budget no matter how small your country, you can have state of the art video recording with the added benefit of a bluetooth headset built-in!

You get a 2.4 inch video player so you can see everything that happened shortly after your spying encounter and the video device has 2 GB of memory. For the spy who likes to stay out late, don't worry -- you also have the option of adding more memory via a Mini SD card.

Via GeekAlerts.

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