Squeezebox Duet

You probably know I spent some time thinking about how best to connect my computer system to my stereo and I ended up with a solution that is not perfect but at least I can listen my phone’s music collection through speakers worthy of a home stereo system. The way I did this was with a pair of bluetooth speakers from Sharper Image and this cost me about $100 to pull off.

If I had decided to spend more money I could have gone with products from Squeezebox. I have decided not to do this right now but if I were to blow a good deal of money on a solution to connect my computer home stereo system it would likely buy the Squeezebox Duet.

This system uses an iPod like controller which gives you the ability to control music throughout the home.

Tom Keating wrote about this new product a week back or so and now engadget is saying the controller is even better than the specs originally led us to believe.

The remote includes Flickr support, a built-in speaker and headphone jack, SD card slot, IR transmitter and 3-axis accelerometer which could theoretically be used as a video game controller or to control music with various gestures of your hand.

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