SuperComm 2009 to Possibly Change Dates

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SuperComm 2009 to Possibly Change Dates

SuperComm had been the nation's largest carrier event for decades and over the last seven years or so the show split into two and even three events. Some of the other names the show went by (or partially went by) were TelecomNxt, Globalcomm and NxtComm. Recently the two warring association factions the TIA and USTA made up and the show became SuperComm again which took place last June in Las Vegas.

< p>The event was very strong up until 2000 and since it split into two it has steadily decreased its attendance to the point where it is a shadow of its former self. The association wars took their toll on this event and some think the damage that was done cannot be repaired.

As the fighting took place, attendees and exhibitors decided the show was something they could miss and a death spiral began.

Lately there have been rumors of another organization taking over as show managers.


I have kept these rumors to myself for weeks but as word is slowly leaking out I thought it worth mentioning that I understand the new show dates will be in October (although who knows if this event can even happen with a postponement so close to its original dates).

You know TMC produces ITEXPO and anyone who was there this past February in Miami can tell you the carrier traffic like all attendance there was up considerably (details) from prior events. Channel Partners and Comptel while down from prior years according to exhibitors I spoke with were solid events which by the way took place the same week!

So it seems the problems with Supercomm aren't 100% related to the communications market/economy but instead, they are a result of fighting among the associations and past damage done to the brand(s).

This is a sad day for me as I enjoyed going to the SuperComm of old and now I am not sure there will be an event. As more information emerges I will update this post.

Update 3/18/09: See the great comments from Richard Martin at xchange/VON

Update 3/18/09: Show move confirmed. Reason given: broadband stimulus -- See Carol Wilson's comments

Update 3/19/09: Comments from Laura Borgstede who gives more perspective and asks some good questions

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