Business 2.0 Shuts Down

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Business 2.0 Shuts Down

There have been rumors about Business 2.0 Magazine shutting down for a while now. I heard about them a month or so ago. Now it seems the rumors were true.
I am sad to see the publication go. I really did like it.
In a way the “2.0” publications, Business 2.0, Fast Company and Industry Standard signaled a shift in the technology publishing world. The trio became the defacto advertising vehicles for tech companies in 1999 and 2000 while magazines like PC World and PC Magazine saw advertising plummet.
What I never understood was why.
You see the “PC Magazines” had lab reviews which allowed buyers to see how well a product or service worked before purchasing. The “2.0” magazines had opinion and reporting on new technology but no lab reviews.
I am sad to see the magazine close down and I hope all the people working on this fine publication land on their feet.

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