TMC and Objectivity

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TMC and Objectivity

Objectivity is the subject of today's thoughts - primarily because I came across a pretty harsh criticism of me being biased towards a particular vendor. I was going to link to the posts where an anonymous individual decided to skewer me but I then realized that the poster could be a short seller of the stock of the company in question or perhaps a disgruntled former or present employee.

Seldom, I do get criticism from people saying I am biased towards or against companies. They say I brownnose or they say I am in the pocket of this company or that. Sometimes they even say a company is not a customer and that is why I mention negative rumors I hear, etc.

Here is the reality. Every person on this earth has an opinion and if after writing thousands of blog entries I get an annual critic, I am doing pretty well.

Every company in the communications space is a customer of TMC. Yes just about every one. And lately we are seeing more and more tech companies working with us as well.

But in the end this is not as important as the millions of readers TMC has amassed over the years. On my blog alone I get about half a million pages viewed per month. TMCnet in total receives about 40 million pages viewed per month from readers around the world. The average visitor spends 30 minutes on TMCnet and up to three million people visit TMCnet each month.

The web is the ultimate democracy and millions of technology decision-makers worldwide have decided TMCnet and our associated print publications and events are where they want to go when receiving their education.

We have weathered the toughest of competitors and a nuclear winter in telecom media which surely should have qualified for a TARP bailout.

Still, loyal readers like you keep coming back.

Yes, this is an ad-supported site but like I have pointed out in the past, our first loyalty is to our readers because wherever you find readers, you find advertisers.

TMC was founded by my father in 1972. It has a strong association with him and with me and it is my duty to ensure we are doing right by the industry and helping you in making the best purchasing decisions you can.

As you may recall, I was an MIS director and I have a computer hardware engineering degree from the University of Connecticut. I understand more about the nuts and bolts of the industry than most journalists.

This of course does not mean I won't make mistakes and when I do I will try to explain where I went wrong. But what it does mean is in a world where we have lost trust in politicians, the investment community, our banks and other pillars of our markets, TMC has been building solid and lasting relationships with readers like you for over a quarter of a decade. Few other media companies anywhere have stayed under the same ownership for that long.

As always, we appreciate you choosing TMC as your source for information and we are humbled by your patronage. And yes, you will hear occasional critics... But for a site where the writers pen thousands of original stories a month, we think we are doing alright.

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