IP Communications/VoIP and Tech To Do Well Under Obama

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IP Communications/VoIP and Tech To Do Well Under Obama

While many in the country - including most likely George W. Bush are counting the days until there is a change in leadership, those in communications and tech are likely wondering what the future will bring. According to some experts such as Andrew D. Lipman of Bingham McCutchen LLP, VoIP will enjoy greater protections and mergers will no longer be rubber stamped -- meaning a better competitive environment from a regulatory standpoint.

Couple this with the idea of having a national CTO and you begin to realize there could be a massive shot in the arm for the tech sector next year. Specific areas to get the boost include wireless, broadband equipment and telepresence/video.

One salient prediction according to Lipman? Greater FCC appreciation of VoIP. Basically good news for most in the industry and with a little luck, this momentum will carry across the tech space making 2009 a much better year than some of the gloomy analyst estimates.

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