Tech Rock Star Jamie Siminoff Keynotes Startup Camp Telephony

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Tech Rock Star Jamie Siminoff Keynotes Startup Camp Telephony

Jamie Siminoff is someone I have great admiration for... He launched a company called SimulScribe which later became PhoneTag and what it did was transcribe your voicemails and send them via email. As far as I am concerned voicemail is useless without receiving it transcribed in an email with an attached MP3 file. You mean you still listen to your voicemails?? You use a phone? Seriously?

Jamie sold his company to Ditech Networks and now launched PoketyPoke (how it works), a company solving yet another problem we all have... It calls you when you have a conference call and automatically dials you in  . You just send your conference call confirmation email to PoketyPoke and it figures out how to reach you and dial into the conference bridge.

I have been meaning to try the service but with ITEXPO and myriad collocated events rapidly approaching next week, I haven't had time.

But I better get moving because Jamie will be there, at the show -- at the collocated Startup Camp Telephony put on in partnership with Larry Lisser. In fact Jamie is keynoting - Yeah!

Jamie is young for someone who has accomplished so much and his boundless bright-eyed energy coupled with what he calls his ADD makes for an interesting combination... I just can't imagine how much more interesting he will be when we put him on a stage with bright lights.

Trust me -- you should be just as interested in finding out. Be there on January 21st at 6:00 PM at the Miami Beach Convention Center to see for yourself. Details.

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