RIP David Yedwab

Rest in peace my good friend.


One of my favorite people in the tech and telecom spaces had to be telecom analyst David Yedwab who sadly passed away this week. Gregarious, effervescent, full of life and always ready to show me pictures on his phone of some of his favorite places, Yedwab was a real gem. My favorite story is when he told me that when you go to a foreign country and want to go sightseeing, look for the Starbucks because that is always where the landmarks are. And soon thereafter he showed me the actual pictures he snapped in countries like Germany.

Aside from being an expert on telecom and analyzing tech and telecom facts on-demand, he was also an avid bonsai enthusiast and gave me many tips over the years on how to make sure my miniature tree collection was healthy and happy.

This is a video I shot with David at ITEXPO East 2011 in Miami last year

He was also a good sport. Whenever I had a new gadget or gizmo or service that recorded video I would flag David down at a trade show and force him to be the victim of my video interviews.

A few years back I had a new beta video service on my iPhone and it crashed repeatedly meaning David had to repeat himself over and over. He was a good sport and always was pleasant and good natured.

I also owe him a debt of gratitude because thanks to David’s constructive suggestions for improvement, TMC has become a much better company. We have implemented numerous ideas he gave us over the years and I can’t help but recall the diplomacy he was able to wield when explaining how we could improve some areas of our business.

For example, I am pretty sure he was an important part in helping us realize that we needed later early-morning sessions at ITEXPO once we decided the show would take place close to South Beach.

Paul B. Robinson was David’s partner at Market Strategy and Analytics Partners, LLC and had the following comments about his partner:

David was a bonsai hobbyist. The purposes of bonsai are primarily contemplation (for the viewer) and the pleasant exercise of effort and ingenuity (for the grower). He expressed that same passion in his everyday dealings with individuals and clients. We remember him as a seasoned technology marketing executive with over 35 years’ experience providing marketing, sales, technology and business strategy advice to many of the world’s largest and most successful network equipment providers and telecoms.  His specialties were business and product strategy, distribution channel development, product marketing and competitive differentiation. But in the end, we most of all remember him as fun guy to be around who lived a mindful and altruistic life, with happiness and laughter always in the light.

David passed away fairly suddenly and had little or no pain from what I am told.

David’s wife requests that in lieu of flowers donations be made to the American Diabetes Association.

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