Gun Detection Tech Heats up as Aegis.AI gets Funded

Technology has become a savior for organizations looking to protect themselves against gun violence – or at least be aware of threats before a shooting happens.

We broke the news recently about ITContingency using AI to detect guns and the feedback to this story was incredible.

The market is now heating up.

Aegis AI sells to U.S. corporations and school district its technology, which scans thousands of video feeds for brandished weapons and provides threat-detection alerts to customers within one second, for $30 per camera, per month. Coupling AI and cloud computing, Aegis integrates with existing camera hardware and video management software, requiring no on-site installation or maintenance.

“We can take over the role of a security guard with much higher accuracy at a much lower cost,” Aegis co-founder and chief product officer Ben Ziomek tells TechCrunch.

For Aegis co-founder and chief executive officer Sonny Tai, protecting against gun violence is personal. The first-time founder, who previously spent nearly a decade in the Marine Corps, grew up in South Africa where gun violence was all too common.

Gun violence is an issue that has been near and dear to my heart for most of my life

Aegis co-founder and chief executive officer Sonny Tai

“We had a close family friend who was fatally shot in his own home 20 years ago,” Tai says. “This prompted my mother to decide that we should immigrate to the U.S. On my end, it inspired a lifelong passion in me. I had to do something about the U.S. gun epidemic.”

No additional equipment is needed besides a video camera and Aegis software. At the moment it cannot see concealed weapons but it is worth noting ITContingency is working on this.

It seems to us the market for this technology is very large and it will be very helpful when connected to the myriad cameras in big cities – like Chicago.

It is good to see investors seeing the opportunity here as society needs great new gun detection tech from companies like these.


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