Rich Buchanan Passes Away

One of the saddest posts I have had to make has to do with the passing of Rich Buchanan the former CMO of Ooma. Well regarded in the consumer electronics space and having a fantastic grasp of the communications market it was an absolute pleasure to work with Rich.

He was knowledgeable and good-natured and I enjoyed the time I spent with him.

I had heard his health was poor so I reached out this last May via Twitter to see how things were. He responded that his surgeons said he needed a bit of “tune-up” work and then he would be good as new.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and I am deeply saddened to be the one reporting this information to you. Doug Mohney alerted me to this news and told me Rich had four hours of open heart surgery on August 3rd and thought perhaps there were complications.

Om Malik has some thoughts on this news and I will share a few tweets below so you can see what others are saying. Goodbye Rich, we will miss you.

bjaquet: Very saddened to hear my former boss, Rich Buchanan, passed away today. My thoughts are w/ his family, his wife Lisa & all his friends. #fb

vocenation: Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Rich Buchanan, a great guy to work with at Ooma (expand

sampeck: Echo Marketing lost a true friend today with the passing of Rich Buchanan. He lived his life every day to the…

raymond_093087: RT @ooma: The Ooma team is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Rich Buchanan. Our heartfelt condolences go out to all Rich‘s family & friends.

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