Yahoo Mail on iPad Better than Apple Mail

Yahoo Mail on the iPad is a beautiful thing and is a rare situation where an application is better than what Apple itself has created. To make matters more interesting it is not only much better than a native application – in this case the Mail app which comes with the iPad but it is based on HTML5 and as a browser-based app it is supposed to be at a disadvantage.

Yahoo Mail on iPad in landscape mode


Check out the features from an email Yahoo just sent me:

  • Faster and more reliable: If you’re offline, Yahoo! Mail uses local caching capabilities to help you access and search your messages even without an internet connection.
  • Smart: You can find and organize your messages using Full Search, personal folders and Smart Folders with messages from your most important contacts and optimized views for photos and file attachments.
  • Feature Rich: View rich photo attachments in their full form, or as previews directly in the inbox view. Also includes a dual-pane view to make reading and organizing a breeze.

 Yahoo Mail on iPad in portrait mode

Thumbnail image for yahoo-mail1-html5.png

I love this “application” (do we need native apps anymore?? ) and hats off to Yahoo for developing an awesome, must try mail experience on the iPad. Take a look at the above screen shots for more… Note you can preview emails without opening them – unlike the native iPad mail app.

As you read this, heads may be rolling at Apple because for a company unleashing all sort of awesomeness in new and different form factors, who would have thought Yahoo would beat them at their own game? The bar has been raised and we can expect Apple to come out swinging with similar features in a new update which they will tout in their commercials as if they were first. This pretty much what the company did with cut and paste after launching this feature years after the rest of the industry.

But who really cares if in the end competition forces companies to roll out better and better products and services? Try it yourself at

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