iPad: Fake Steve Jobs Says You’re Welcome

A very funny thank you and you’re welcome from Fake Steve Jobs really captures some of the hilarity of hundreds of thousands of people lining up to buy a device they don’t need. BTW, count me in… At some point I am going to get one – after all I threatened to buy an Apple iPad at $1,000 and an entry level model is considerably cheaper.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

I’d also like to take a moment to thank all of the engineers and designers and programmers inside Apple who worked so tirelessly on this product, toiling way in total secrecy. I know it wasn’t easy. You had to work on a machine that was inside a sealed metal box, so you couldn’t actually see what you were doing. The box itself was chained to a desk, which was bolted to the floor in a windowless, lead-sealed concrete bunker. And you were chained to that same desk by your ankle. I know some of you considered it humiliating. I know many of you did not enjoy having to use a chamber pot instead of being allowed to leave the room for bathroom breaks. To be sure, the chamber pot was designed by Jonny Ive and is a model of simplicity and elegant design. Nevertheless, not a lot of fun. I know some of you grumbled, privately, about having your personal email read, and your phone calls monitored. You did not appreciate having your children followed to school and interrogated to see if Mom or Dad had been talking about work. The cars parked outside your house at night, the strange calls to your neighbors and relatives, the questionnaires about your sexual history, the lists of all your past lovers that you needed to provide — I know. It’s not easy to work at Apple. But I think you’ll agree with me that it’s worth the trouble. I honor your dedication, and I hope you will all enjoy the new wonder device that you have helped bring into the world.

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