Smule Gets $3.9M, Anything is Possible

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Smule Gets $3.9M, Anything is Possible

I don't mean to make light of Smule's accomplishments, after all a number of my readers told me I had to download the Ocarina app from the company for my iPhone so I could turn it into a flute - and yes, when you blow into your iPhone it plays music. I am consistently amazed at how simple the application is while being powerful. I can choose to play my own tune or listen to someone else playing elsewhere in the world.

Zephyr in the Wild

The company followed up with an applications called Zephyr which is best described at what a talented programmer might design while experimenting with mind-altering substances and watching Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer. ;) Just kidding - sort of. The program allows you to design very cool-looking graphics with snowflakes and sound and like the Ocarina, you can put it in a mode where you get to experience the snowflake designs of others.

I am impressed with the company's accomplishments and the $3.9 million investment from Granite Ventures, Bessemer Ventures and others makes sense as Smule has established themselves as a company making truly innovative iPhone apps.

Two questions are now worth asking. Can this company design an interesting business app for the iPhone and how do I get in on the next investment round?  ;) Just kidding - sort of.

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