Why you Should Hold Off on iOS 9

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Why you Should Hold Off on iOS 9

I bit the bullet and downloaded iOS 9 yesterday – right at the start of TMC’s on the road show tour of Dallas, Texas where I was meeting a number of companies in the area and learning about their upcoming news and more.

iOS 9 is amazing – it is much better than iOS 8 – especially on a tabletslacker-ios9-crash.PNG where PiP video and multitasking can really amp up productivity. There are lots of great new features like enhanced locations on maps – transit directions – Siri makes smarter suggestions, notifications come in order of receipt, 6-digit passcodes are allowed and so on.

The challenge, of course always is what apps will break when you upgrade. So far, on my iPhone 6 Plus, Periscope stopped well, Periscoping… I have network errors every time I try to stream. This caused some problems because I wanted to livestream many of my interviews. Likewise, Slacker allows me to play a single song before crashing – regardless if I stream or use cached mode.

Is this enough to destroy my productivity? Well, it is an annoyance but to be expected when such a large upgrade takes place. iOS 9 is far better – it even allows you to be reading an email and have Siri remind you about it at some later time. Lots of great news features. As always though, the .1 or in this case the 9.1 upgrade is the one you really want to wait for.

If you don’t mind losing some app functionality in exchange for a ton of great new features (yes Android fans, many borrowed from your OS) then go ahead and bite the bullet (like me) and download now.

Update 9/18/2015: Slacker has an update available which stopped the crashing problem on skipped tracks when streaming but it still crashes when skipping cached content.

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