Inhance Trade from Inhance Technology Keeps Mobile Customers Coming Back

One of the most important aspects of the wireless market is the smartphone trade-in program as evidenced by recent news that Apple now offers its own upgrade program and Sprint tried to outdo the entire industry with a paltry $1 per month upgrade plan for customers with iPhone 6 trade-ins purchasing a 6s.

In a conversation I had recently with Inhance Technology, I learned 90% of customers don’t come back to the same retailer they purchased a device from. The company has a solution to help improve the odds of attracting a customer back into the store to upgrade. Their recently20148506663_035cb9c9a5_c.jpg announced the Inhance Trade program which uses a variety of mechanisms to target specific devices, plan a specific action and determine when the action should take place.

In a conversation I recently with Paul Prendergast, CEO & Co-Founder, he explained the software which needs to be loaded on the device can determine when it was most recently used, if it is using bluetooth, how old it is, how much free memory it has as well as other attributes which can be used to target customers. In addition, device type and model can be ferreted out.

From there, a user can be notified of the trade-in value of their current intrade-trade-in-value.pngdevice. It can even take into account bounties for switching to a specific device such as one from Samsung or others.

Another option is to have a QR code show up on the app which can be read by the store’s POS system to immediately allow a trade-in transaction to take place. In addition, the company’s software will transfer the data between devices over secure, P2P WiFi so there is no barrier to the sale. In addition, multiple devices can be transferred at once as opposed to fixed-function devices which can only transfer one device at a time. There are a few issues with the transfer – iMessages can’t be transferred in the case of a switch from iOS to Android for example.


A retailer can determine the total available value of customer devices

The app can further be branded if a retailer desires and best of all the offers can have an expiration date which causes urgency. The even better news is, the new phone leaving the store will have the app on it again, allowing the retailer to continue making offers to the customer over time.

The portal also acts as a marketing dashboard allowing a retailer to determine success rates and strive to improve

As device makers as well as carriers fight tooth-and-nail over upgrading cell phone customers, Inhance technology’s new Inhance Trade solution is a smart way to fight off the attackers.

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