Google+ Becoming Serious Facebook Threat

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Google+ Becoming Serious Facebook Threat

Microsoft was known for producing winning products after its third attempt - we may be saying something similar about Google soon

Google, a company known as the king of search - certainly has a mixed record when it comes to other spaces. Obviously they are doing a great job in the mapping space and their Android OS has turned into a real winner. But when it comes to social they have had flop after flop.

But now, after a week, the company seems to be doing amazingly well - with some sites reporting large amounts of traffic coming from the new social network. That and there are many sites who have more followers in a week on Google+ than they amassed on Google Buzz which is years old.

The bottom line - Facebook may have a real challenger - and more importantly, it shows us that even when you believe a company has a space locked up in tech, it may not be the case. The irony of it all is that AOL in many ways invented the social network and they have abandoned the space virtually entirely to pursue a local media strategy which many think is ill-advised. Yahoo! had the guts of a social network but could never pull it together. And then there is Myspace.

And Google - kept plugging along - similar to how Microsoft became successful on its third try, we may soon be saying something similar about Google as well.

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