Carbon Scrubbing Makes it all Green

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Carbon Scrubbing Makes it all Green


One of the most interesting green technologies I have seen is carbon scrubbing where a chemical reaction is used to rid CO2 from the atmosphere. Why is this fascinating to me? Because carbon scrubbing can be done anywhere in the world and still be effective. Ideally you want to scrub carbon where the source of emissions are but if this is not possible for financial or other reasons, the next best thing is to do it where prices are lower.

Once scrubbed you have to decide what to do with the carbon. A common idea is to bury it but you can also use it to manufacture plastics. The great news is this technology is getting better and if it continues to improve, carbon scrubbing could become a major contributor to the green movement.

Let's face it... The easiest way to change the way the world consumes and burns fuel is to not require as much change. My point is it is a lot easier to perfect this technology than to have to develop an entire new infrastructure for powering cars, airlines, etc. Think about it. Depending on what direction we go in, every gas station will have to also carry hydrogen. Or the entire global electrical grid will have to be beefed up to rapidly charge cars. Another option companies are working on is replaceable electric batteries for automobiles which can be rapidly swapped at gas stations.

Scrubbing carbon from the air would avoid the need to do any of these things. It is far from perfected mind you but it is a great technology to have in our collective green arsenal.

The great thing about scrubbing is again, no behavior change. You get to keep your gas guzzling car or SUV and save the planet at the same time. More.

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