Force10 and VMware Intertwine Networking and Virtualization

The data center market has a built-in engine of growth according to Kevin Wade – Senior Director of Product Marketing at Force10 Networks. Wade explained the move to the cloud coupled with increased bandwidth demands have come together to keep the market more resistant to the slowing effects of the economy. He actually said that data centers are in high-growth mode which is good to hear if you are a believer like I am that technology spending generally correlates to greater productivity.

The company has seen balanced growth with most of it coming organically from the US – and steadily from Asia and Europe as well.

Kevin Wade – Senior Dir of Product Marketing at Force10 explains his company’s new products and future developments (Click for Apple devices)



A few areas of focus for the company are increased performance with 40 GbE uplinks and line cards on the larger modular products on the way. Moreover we can expect higher density cards for 10 GbE – the fastest growing interface technology in data centers according to Wade. The company is also focusing on Network Automation for VMware environments which basically means integrating the functions of the switch with VMware so they work in a more cohesive and automated fashion. An example of the usefulness of such a symbiotic solution is allowing the Force10 switch to automatically provision new VLANs based upon the Perl-based vSphere SDK. Consider your network and virtualized server environment to be forever intertwined.

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