Heading into NYC For Streaming Media show

I am on a train heading into Manhattan and there are no seats. I brought my iPad and found as I entered the train one other person in the car was working on one. In the past 45 minutes I have kept up with email fairly well. It is much easier tintype (should have read “to type” – the text in the parenthesis was typed on a Dell laptop – a real keyboard is still a faster way to input text than a virtual screen – oh and also – occasionally I find myself hitting the iPad Send button by accident) on an iPad than and iPhone.
Also, after all this working where I was surfing the web, checking email, RSS and Twitter the battery is only down 4%. And this isnover (should have read “is over”) 3G. BTW AT&T 3G works well on the train to New York. Seems quite snappy actually.
More to come.

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