Pudding Gets Just Desserts

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Pudding Gets Just Desserts

Today's news that Pudding media got funding is fantastic. It shows that voice is alive and well and moreover that new ideas are alive and well within the IP communications space. I have heard many people say that the opportunities in voice are gone but yet I see new companies popping up all the time with innovative technology.

What Pudding Media does is listen to VoIP calls and play contextual ads that are demographically targeted. Bravo! This is exactly how Google monetizes search and how Google and others monetize Gmail. In fact, because of targeting technology, billions of dollars are spent via Google through hundreds of thousands of websites.

Unfortunately sites like Silicon Valley Insider thinks Pudding Media's technology is "awful". I suppose they are also at odds with Gmail "reading" e-mails and subsequently monetizing them. Ditto for Google's search-based ads.

In the end, I truly believe this technology is fantastic. A wonderful idea and I hope it permeates into other areas of business and I look forward to discussing it at ITEXPO in Miami in a few weeks.

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