TechZone360: Blog Preview Sneak Peak

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TechZone360: Blog Preview Sneak Peak


Next week TMC is launching a new Web site which will house some of our best content. It is called TechZone360 and it is really hush hush so consider it to be an Alpha service for now and only known to my readers. We will likely put a press release and a formal announcement out when it is ready - perhaps as early as next week.

Where does the content come from? Some of the stories will live on other TMCnet sites and some will be exclusive to the site. You will see the interface is quite different from many other TMCnet sites and we hope you find it to be a useful reference to all things technology.

PS: Please don't tell my coworkers I shared this with you. It is really a secret until the official release. Any feedback can be directed to me with no CCs to my team. Thanks for your understanding.

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