Kikin: Did Web Links Just Become Less Important?

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Kikin: Did Web Links Just Become Less Important?

A new iPad browser from Kikin (iPad link) allows you to click on text to draw a circle around it- then it performs a web search in a window and pops up results allowing you to open the results in the foreground or background. By seeing a few of the top results and a snippet of each result beneath the web links, you can quickly get a feel for the most important and/or latest news about any topic located on your web page.

So as a writer, I wonder if I need to add as many web links - assuming of course that this browser and model for browsing becomes popular. I tried the browser with a bunch of sites like CNN and the Drudge Report and it worked well in most every case - detecting the important word in the center of the circle and eliminating extraneous search terms.

I wasn't able to get it to work correctly with TMCnet for some reason. Update: I was contacted by the company to ask if they could help... I subsequently tried browsing TMCnet after they reached out and it is working fine with the browser. I am not sure what happened.

As you can see in the examples below relating to the top two stories - you spot some text you want to learn more about... You touch it to get a circle, the text inside then highlights automatically and voila - a window shows up with results which you can click on.

photo 3.PNG

Click on the next two screen shots to enlarge

photo 2.PNG
photo 4.PNG

Hat Tip: Gary Kim

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