With iPhone Marketshare Down, will Tomorrow’s Apple Event Increase Demand?

Disclosure – we are happy iPhone users and have looked forward to every Apple launch event but the one expected tomorrow excites us the least.

Rumored upgrades are said to be a better camera and faster processor. Maybe even faster FaceID.


What we want is greater battery life, perhaps 5G (although how much faster does our phone need to be?) and something that folds.

We are hoping to be happily surprised with something Apple has successfully kept secret. We will see. Apple is so good with surprises, every one of their launch events is like a surprise birthday party.

With that said, the good people at Strategy Analytics put out some smartphone stats heading into the event. We hope you find them ad the above infographic useful.

  • Apple iPhone captured 11 percent global smartphone marketshare in Q2 2019, down from 12 percent a year ago (source).
  • Apple iPhone captured 6 percent China smartphone marketshare in Q2 2019, flat from 6 percent a year ago (source).
  • Apple Watch captured 46 percent global smartwatch marketshare in Q2 2019, up from 44 percent a year ago (source).
  • Google Pixel was the world’s fastest-growing Android smartphone vendor in H1 2019 (source).
  • Google Pixel captured 5 percent USA smartphone marketshare in Q2 2019, more than doubling from 2% in Q2 2018 (source).


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