Avoid Vista

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Avoid Vista

I have a state of the art Dell Laptop an M1530 with 4 Gb of RAM and it is slow. Very slow. It is slow because of Microsoft Vista. If you think the articles which are negative towards this new OS are sensational and just there to get people to read them, you are incorrect. This new operating system is a productivity killer. Teams at Microsoft should be fired over this product and never allowed to work again.

Worse than Vista is the new ribbon in the Office applications which make no sense to me.

I just wonder what the damage will be to the world's productivity because of these OS and application changes.

On the bright side, Vista search is very good and you can have many windows open in Vista without crashing. I find I reboot as often as I did with XP though because my USB ports stop working from time to time.

If you can avoid Vista -- please do so. You can thank me later.

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