The Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates Commercial

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The Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates Commercial

When you have the opportunity to have Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld in a commercial, you expect something grand. After viewing this Microsoft ad below, I have to admit -- it is one of the worst commercials I have ever seen.

One of the goals of this commercial is to be viral and in that area it certainly works -- as people will talk about how bad it is and forward it around. As I watched -- I wanted to laugh. I was hoping it would be funny -- it just wasn't.

So I came up with some lines that I think are funnier than anything in the commercial. They may not be home runs but hopefully you will like them.

If computers are so smart, why do I have to write my own jokes?

If computers are 1,000 times faster today than they were twenty years ago, why do they take so long to start up?

Microsoft has done so much for mankind, when will they start helping aliens?

I hear Superman uses Vista.

There is nothing better than Excel on Vista for managing where I parked my Porsches.

If any of these are used I will expect royalties of course. Big Top points are not accepted here.

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