Why Microsoft isn't Acquiring

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Why Microsoft isn't Acquiring

We know Microsoft hasn't made an acquisition in a while and lately, this fact has become all the rage on the web.

The reason is simple, the company is too large to be as efficient as it once was and it is currently dealing with a wealth of challenges in the mobile, tablet and cloud spaces which require slow and careful introspection.

The company has lots of cash cow businesses but perhaps in the future it needs to become more streamlined and divide up into smaller working groups with more autonomy. This approach didn't work for the SMB PBX Response Point group so it is unclear what the software giant needs to do to become more nimble.

Odds are the only solution is a reorg and management shakeup.

But even if this is done, the largest concern the company should have is the onslaught of slick Apple devices continuing to grow in market share.

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