Enjoying the Beach

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Enjoying the Beach

I had a great day on the beach so far today and the Miami weather stayed good all day. I must say that blogging on the beach is the only way to blog.

One of the fun parts of being on South Beach is to watch the helicopters go by. I even saw a GoodYear blimp. The blimp had LCD writing on it and the funny thing about the writing is that there are so many messages the company gives you as it goes by.

I saw an ad for tires and even a public service announcement for Alzheimers information with a website. The irony of course being that other than me, who has a PDA on the beach ready to check the website for Alzheimers info. In fact wouldn't the target audience for this ad miss the benefits here. I suppose it's the thought that counts.

Gotta go have a mango daquiri now. Have a great day.

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