Packet8 SIP Trunking Rumor

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Packet8 SIP Trunking Rumor

I have heard a rumor regarding 8x8/Packet8 getting into the SIP trunking business. No confirmation yet but this makes great sense as this area of the market is doing well. All trunks will eventually be SIP trunks it seems... Unless of course they are Skype-based.

The business model here is a bit different as 8x8, the parent company of Packet8 would need to work with a plethora of hardware manufacturers to ensure compatibility. For example, NEC, Toshiba, Panasonic, Allworx, Talkswitch, Avaya, Cisco, etc.

Currently the company distributes its own hardware.

Another great reason to offer SIP trunks is that it allows the company to move up the chain to medium and even larger companies. As you may recall, Packet8 started offering consumer VoIP service and then very small business VoIP service. If the rumor is true, the strategy of going up the pyramid makes great sense.

When I hear anything definitive -- either way, I will be sure to let you know. I imagine we may know more by ITEXPO in September where Bryan Martin, the company's CEO will be keynoting.

Here is yet another reason to come to the show and hear him speak.

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