Facebook Passes Google in US Traffic

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Facebook Passes Google in US Traffic

Chart courtesy of DigitalBeat and Hitwise US


It was bound to happen and many predicted this year would be the one where we see social media - especially Facebook take away the most popular site crown from Google. The social networking site did beat out Google by a miniscule percentage - 7.07% to 7.03% in the US according to Hitwise. It is worth pointing out that social gaming seems to be the reason for the rapid rise of Facebook traffic. Moreover, Comscore and Alexa still rank Google as a traffic leader. Still the trend above has got to worry people at Google, Yahoo and many media sites.

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Feedback for Facebook Passes Google in US Traffic


I don't know if there is much more to read into this than "Google is always popular. Facebook is getting more popular." Posting minutiae of your life to facebook and searching the internet are non-overlapping activities.

I wonder how Google will step up efforts to attract users for Google Buzz. So far I'm not impressed with GBuzz. Let the games begin! This story was trending on Twitter today. I covered it on my show http://bit.ly/btr1CS

facebook is getting more popular but the difference is they are getting bombed with spam. They 'declaired war' on spammers and made a lot of changes to stop this. They started sending letters out to spammers and even companies that were involved but did not know. The problem is, the changes they have had to make affect genuine users experience. If they manage to keep it under control, I think they will dominate it. They already do with the ads. You can chose the location and age which google can not do.

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