Surgeries Move to Twitter

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Surgeries Move to Twitter

In a world where it has become commonplace to digitally detail the events of our daily lives, it should come as no surprise that operations are being Twittered live. Most recently Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center announced it will will broadcast a bi-lateral knee replacement surgery April 16, 2009 at 9:00 EST. If you can't get enough of bloody surgery on TV, this Wisconsin-based hospital will let you take it with you LIVE! Here are the links... Enjoy:

What's next for Twitter? How about break-ups, divorces, firings, layoffs... Question is -- will we know when we have crossed the line or is that just not possible?

Scalpel -- STAT
Cameraphone -- STAT
Syringe -- STAT
Forceps -- STAT
Blackberry -- STAT

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