What Happens When BP Spills Coffee?

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What Happens When BP Spills Coffee?

The web can be your worst enemy when you are a company at the center of an environmental tragedy and causing massive amounts of oil to destroy livelihoods and more. Recently I wrote about an effort by Greenpeace online to come up with a new logo for BP as it relates to the oil spill/catastrophe. Now there is a very viral video from UCB Comedy making the rounds and showing what happens when BP spills coffee.

It is pretty funny and worth a look.

Once again, it reminds us how important social media and the web can be to a company's brand and reputation. Granted, 24x7 cameras in HD showing how much oil you are responsible for leaking into the Gulf of Mexico is tough to top from a negative public relations perspective.

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Feedback for What Happens When BP Spills Coffee?


very funny video. very nice.. and i hope that BP will get this problem take care of very soon.

i really wish that BP can use big huge tissue paper to absorb all those oil that spill every where...i pray of them to be able to fix their problem very quickly.

Should be put to privacy reasons but to avoid greater evils that harm the environment seriously

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