Unified Office Sees the Future of AI in SLMs, not LLMs

While there is tremendous interest in large language models or LLMs which are fed huge amounts of information, to then provide generalist AI – Unified Office has tapped into smaller language models. These are vertical-specific and solve a problem most companies have. Specifically, whisper coaching – allowing an agent to hear ways in which they can improve a call – while still speaking to the customer.

This can be useful in cases where call center agents turnover often or are needed to ramp up quickly. When asked about a specific situation where this could be useful, Founder and CEO Ray Pasquale (pictured above) responded to us in an in-person interview, “A car dealership salesperson could be told, “Don’t forget to offer the service special.” He continued, “Humans can’t scale… Our technology is very close to real-time. We can do this because we use our own CPUs.”

Unified Office is a UCaaS provider that has differentiated itself for specific markets such as retail and restaurants by solving specific problems in these markets – like minimizing abandoned calls and integrating IoT devices such as temperature sensors. In fact, Ray explained, the company has used AI for five years – and one of the early applications was managing the temperature data via analytics in order to suggest preventative maintenance to extend the life of refrigeration equipment.

“We are developing smaller language models which are vertically focused,” he exclaimed. “ChatGPT is generic. If you read some review summaries on Amazon, you may see something like “Many people like this color,” which is not very useful.”

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