Ashley Dupre Update

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Ashley Dupre Update

Let's face it, how often do I get to discuss topics as interesting as Ashley Dupre? The short answer is never. I just came across an article discussing how Dupre spent countless hours updating her social networking profiles once the news broke of her involvement with Spitzer... Apparently she spent considerable time deleting pictures and contacts in her "virtual" social circles.

This shouldn't be too surprising as reporters are scouring social networking sites like gold mining prospectors looking for treasure.

As the above article points out, the last time there was a similar incident with Hugh Grant and Divine Brown, Brown became so instantaneously popular that it allowed her to get paid a not too shabby $1.65 million.

I just wonder which producer will be first to get Dupre... Will she become a talk show host? American Idol judge? Star of Survivor Las Vegas? CSI New York? Seems like her options are limitless.

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