At Jury Duty Today

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At Jury Duty Today

I've been here in the basement of the courthouse for almost two hours just waiting to see if I will eventually be selected as a juror. After a few hours here, we go upstairs to meet the attorneys and judge. About half the people in the room are being productive - reading, on email or working while the rest of the room is glued to Rachel Ray - which I have never seen before. Today's show focused on who will be the newest pop star and now is showing us how to cook a meal of some sort. I'm getting hungry. :)

Thankfully there is a strong wireless signal here from AT&T so I am being as productive as I can.

Update: The judge visited us a bit later and told us the parties settled thanks to us being there. At least I didnt fall too behind on my work and I made some new potential juror friends :-) .

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