TMC Thanksgiving Pot Luck Luncheon

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TMC Thanksgiving Pot Luck Luncheon

Today is Pot Luck Luncheon day here at TMC which basically means each person in the company brings in enough food to feed five-ten people. If you play this out, we will about five times more food than we can eat. I hear we have about seven pies, mashed potatoes turkey, carbohydrates of all varieties, muffins and of course I topped it all off by bringing the soda.
OK so I had an easy task but I did agonize over which sodas to buy early this morning. I did go off the beaten path and even pick up some Diet Mountain Dew as I am convinced at least one of my coworkers has this substance flowing through their veins and arteries. ;)
The lunch starts at 1:00 PM EST so if we aren’t picking up phones, etc, this is why. I have already had a few requests from a few of my coworkers about where the post-luncheon nap will take place. :)
I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and for those of you who do not celebrate this holiday I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful week.

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