TV to GO: Cablevision Customers Access TV Beyond the Home

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TV to GO: Cablevision Customers Access TV Beyond the Home

Cable companies having come together to share their WiFi networks in order to compete somewhat with 3G and 4G networks are also looking at another competitive threats such as OTT video such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and any other alternative way consumers can get access to video content.

Yesterday, Cablevision started to promote via an email their TV to GO service which allows customers to watch TV outside their home – as long as they have the Cablevision Optimum Online user name and password.

A sampling of networks available to Cablevision's TV to GO service


The catch is there is no single uniform web interface – the TV to GO portal gives you access to a number of networks which require you to click and then authenticate. Authentication is done via a popup window created by your cable provider and once completed you are free to view content the partner/provider offers.

Once clicking on the Speed 2 network and clicking on the login screen you are presented with a number of cable and satellite partner choices


Some of the content providers are as follows: HBO GO, MAX GO, MSG Varsity, BTN, YES, CNN, TNT and TBS.

I tested this service out with the Speed 2 network on a PC and it worked flawlessly.

Although this is a step in the right direction the lack of uniformity of web video interfaces is a stumbling block as it is not simple to find the programming you want. Still, much of this content is available online ONLY through such a procedure meaning users will have to get used to it if they want legal access.

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