Bubb Leaves Intel

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Bubb Leaves Intel

An industry Icon, Howard Bubb is stepping down from Intel. Bubb was the head of Dialogic during the roaring days of computer telephony/CTI where the market grew at an astronomical rate. Those of you at industry events remember Bubb speaking at events hosted by the likes of Harry Newton... In fact there was even a Howard Bubb show at suc events.

Dialogic was a leader in DSP resource boards and although Natural Microsystems really discovered the VoIP gateway market before Dialogic, Bubb's company powered back to lead the space and soon thereafter sold to Intel.

Many in the industry complained that Dialogic which sold for under a billion dollars to Intel was undervalued. Steering clear of the finances I will just point out that Intel gained from the experience Dialogic brought to the company and was able to develop a host media processing strategy using Dialogic technology and intellectual property.

Doug Davis the VP and General Manager of the Infrastructure and Processor division will replace Bubb.

This is a historic day for the VoIP market. Many of the companies and components that made VoIP so popular today were founded by companies that were Dialogic partners in the nineties. VoIP is nothing more than a natural extension of what the industry had been building up to in the nineties. Coupling the best of the CTI market with experience gained by companies like Micom (later sold to Nortel) in the voice over frame relay space allowed us as an industry to have knowledge to successfully deploy VoIP on the grand scale we are now experiencing.

Howard, we will miss you. Please send us all an e-mail from your yacht :-).

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