Continuous Computing Problems

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Continuous Computing Problems

At the last Internet Telephony show I heard a bunch of complaining about Continuous Computing. Complaints about service levels, responsiveness, etc. In addition I overheard a conversation of an irate Continuous Computing partner.

I am sure every company has a customer or two that that feels this way about them from time to time. In my position I get to hear many customer complaints… Perhaps too many. I usually disregard the first one or two but when get many in a row that is a sure sign of potential problems.

Until recently I never heard anything bad or good about the company and they have an A+ list of investors behind them.

That is why I was surprised when I was faced with similar comments at other industry events – I have been on the road for many weeks now -- but no one wanted to go on record. Apparently there is some abrasiveness in the company’s ranks but insiders felt uncomfortable with me revealing the details.

I have calls into Brian Wood the company’s VP of Marketing who I know. As soon as I can connect with Continuous Computing I will let you know the details of my conversation.

Consider this story developing.

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