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Covad Investment

I received this request about Covad today. This was in response to recent article. I feel like the Jim Cramer of VoIP ;-) Here is the question and answer:


Mr. Tehrani,

I just finished reading you article, “Best VoIP Investments of 2005“ (published in February 2005) and noticed you didn’t make mention of COVAD Communications. The article seemed to focus more on smaller companies that were marketing specific, niche-type capabilities, as well as peer-to-peer technology, and perhaps that’s why COVAD was not mentioned. Regardless, I would be very much interested in your thoughts about COVAD and its prospects for growth/success over the next couple of years. In general, what are your thoughts on the prospects of VoIP technology and services in the near future?

I realize you probably entertain thousands of questions from your readership, but I would really appreciate a response, time permitting.

Name and address withheld by request.


I am not enough of an expert on Covad’s day to day operations to intelligently give you analysis on this company. The space Covad occupies is going to grow significantly. Covad is doing a great job marketing and I like the movie that they are running for what it is worth. I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes at Covad however. I hear their sales reps are being very aggressive in the NYC area. I will blog more comments as I hear anything or meet with the company.

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