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Discounted VoIP Events

I had two exhibitors ask me today what it means when trade show organizers focus so heavily on discounting their conferences. Is this a sign of weakness they asked? While I am no expert on the balance sheets of other communications events and I don't think it is appropriate to comment I did have a conversation with a few exhibitors who likened such practices to what some car companies are doing with their employee discount programs.

They wondered if this focus on almost giving away conference passes is the equivalent of selling super-discounted cars that are of poor quality. They further wondered if this is a sign that some trade show companies have overextended themselves and just aren't able to attract attendees to their events.

I try to stay neutral in such discussions but I thought this worth sharing. The VoIP conference market at TMC's events is literally exploding with growth and it seems that my team has really hit on a winning formula and conferees are literally flocking to our shows in record numbers. I am especially blown away by the word of mouth business we are experiencing. It is humbling to have your happy customers do your job for you.

It helps to have the best keynotes in the industry headlined by people like Carly Fiorina and Michael Powell but really the sessions at ITEXPO are the best I have seen in the communications space. I am biased. Sure. Take a look to see how good the sessions are for yourself and I hope to see you in LA This October at the show.


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