MagicJack founder Dan Borislow, RIP

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MagicJack founder Dan Borislow, RIP

A few weeks back Dan Borislow passed away from a heart attack after a soccer game. Dan gave me one of the most gracious interviews I ever had. It was years back and I remember it like it was yesterday. His passion for what he was doing was like few others and you could see he was one of those people who could almost will themselves into success.

As CEO, he was a pioneer in popularizing MagicJack to the masses through ridiculously low pricing and controversial infomercials. He was truly a visionary in the IP communications market and brought low-cost communications to many millions around the world. Dan too was controversial as he has been said to "never sugar-coat anything."

As far as my relationship with him goes, he was a fantastic person and great to deal with.

RIP Dan Borislow, you will be missed and remembered. Here is more about his unfortunate passing.

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