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Tom Keating’s PGP VoIP blog entry caught my eye today. Apparently Phil Zimmerman has come up with a VoIP PGP-equivalent for encrypting voice over IP calls. Many in the industry are concerned about encrypted p2p VoIP solutions as they can be used to send viruses and other malicious code throughout a company. It is unclear to me whether this software can be used to send content other than VoIP.

Regardless, there is another problem with encrypted voice communications and that is government regulations. Between Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA companies need to be able to monitor voice conversations and furthermore corporations need to be able to provide lawful intercept within their organizations to law enforcement agencies.

I foresee some sort of regulation coming down the pike designed to deal with the growing market of encrypted VoIP software packages. Or perhaps corporations will set up some sort of firewall that can filter out encrypted packets and keep them from being sent and received.

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